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Our Zen Teacher, Buddhist nun Jaguang Sunim, went to Korea in 1978 where she studied under the renowned Zen Master KuSan Sunim in Songgwangsa Monastery for 8 years.

She was the co-founder of the Sixth Ancestor Zen Center in Berkeley, California with her Zen Teacher Hyunoong Sunim, where for 20 years they taught zen meditation and various health practices from Korea.

Jaguang Sunim returned to South Korea in 2010 where she did a solo retreat for 5 years. During that time she also taught zen at Mugaksa Temple in the city of Gwangju. In recent years she has been teaching in Oakland, California.

A Canadian, Jaguang Sunim now resides in Victoria, BC Canada where she continues to provide zen teachings and health guidance.

The teachings of all great masters of non-dual traditions, both ancient and modern, are honored here, as the Path to awakening includes many paths, all based on Compassion, Love and Wisdom.

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Dietary Programs & Ancient Breathing / Energy Practices

As part of our spiritual path we include ancient traditional Korean and Taoist practices to restore and maintain a healthy body, as our body is the vehicle via which we practice to awaken. It is important to prepare the body by opening the energy meridians, and establishing internal balance -- physically, mentally and emotionally -- to create an open, healthy and stable foundation for a spiritual practice. The healthier you are on all levels, the deeper your practice experience can become.

For more info or to order online, please see our website www.MyBodyLandscape.com

Contact ph: (250) 880-8859


Sixth Ancestor Zen Sangha

Guidance and instruction for those who are drawn to a Path of awakening.

"Before entering the Dharma Hall, set down all your burdens and leave them outside the door." –Ancient Zen saying

Our teachings are based on the Korean Buddhist tradition of Ganhwa Seon, as taught by the great Seon (zen) masters of Korea. The original founder of this tradition was the Chinese Sixth Patriarch, the great Ch'an Master Huineng.


Zen Dharma Talk & Meditation
Saturday Oct. 21st & 28th, 2023
10:30 AM
Esquimalt United Church
Victoria, BC
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